Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Woman in Black, (James Watkins, 2012)

I just finished watching Hammer Films' The Woman in Black with Harry Potter Daniel Radcliff, Ciaran Hinds and some of the most frightening CGI I have ever seen.

This film was pants-wettingly-scary, plenty of jump out of-your-skin moments.

True story:  In 1984, my girlfriend and I went to see  a Friday the 13th movie on a rainy, Easter Sunday before her  parents took us back to Miami University.  I remember thinking it was odd that there were so many small children in the same theater.

The movie was laughably bad, which is not always a bad thing with me.  As I was explaining to my girlfriend that Jason was surely about to grab his next victim from under the stairs I paused long enough to jump out of my seat and somehow leap completely over her, landing on her lap and screaming the rest of my snarky comments about how predictable a movie it was into her ear, all because Jason Voorhees grabbed his next victim from under the stairs.

Better than drugs.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Funny Stuff

To make something funny, add:

an obese person
bigots (although it seems the only PC stereotypes left are Canadians and left-handed people.  This is not a bad thing)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bill Hinzman, the zombie from the cemetery in the original Night of the Living Dead, the  ghoul that was "Coming to get you, Barbara." is dead.  John T. at his superlative blog, Shocks to the System has written a very loving tribute to the man, his character and career.

I have written about my life long nightmares of gaunt, hollow eyed men pursuing me, but I never realized until tonight that it was Bill Hinzman haunting me.

I doubt I will sleep better tonight knowing he is dead.  In fact, I hope comes to get me one more time.

Monday Morning Halftime Quarterbacking

We are not big on sports in our house.  The super bowl is pretty much the only thing we look forward to, and that is so Adrienne can make her "party to end football season" jokes.  As for me, I am clueless.  Last week someone had to explain what "punting" means (it is means to give up the ball, or in my case, let someone else answer the question I was stuck on).