Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Morning Halftime Quarterbacking

We are not big on sports in our house.  The super bowl is pretty much the only thing we look forward to, and that is so Adrienne can make her "party to end football season" jokes.  As for me, I am clueless.  Last week someone had to explain what "punting" means (it is means to give up the ball, or in my case, let someone else answer the question I was stuck on).

This was provocative in the 1980s.
Shut, you will be old too someday.
I did catch the halftime show this morning on YouTube. Controversial superstar, Madonna performed, backed by seemingly every hard bodied dancer in North America.  I said controversial because her provocative outfits and outspoken, hyper-sexualized persona, made quite the publicity, 30 years ago.

For all the moans and groans about the inauthenticity of her lip syncing, let us not forget that Madonna is not Aretha Franklin (or anyone else that has a voice we love to listen to).  Her biggest attraction is, well the fact that she is Madonna and we have been her adoring fans since the mid 1980's.
There is an entire generation that has never known a world with out her.  She certainly has been a star for as long as Niki Minaj, the cheerleader in the white wig, has been alive. Cee Lo Green also put in an appearance.  I recognize him on The Voice.  I remember thinking it was funny that he was wearing a Misfits t-shirt because I am certain that while Glen Danzig has a pretty good voice, Mr. Green does not cover any of their material.  

The show was a nice pastiche of songs that I knew only peripherally from her songbook, I guess the new single was there in the middle, with the cheerleaders.   It reminded me of Toni Basil's song "Mickey" (or Weird Al's version, "Rickey").  A hint to those competing in Madonna Land spelling bees , every word ends with the letter "MADONNA!"

Madonna isn't only a hot looking MILF (she is 53).  she does have a good heart and is very active in a campaign to save the world.  At around the 11:45, while she is writhing on her knees, simulating fellatio with Cee Lo Green, the camera reveals the football field has become a map of the world.  

I never wanted to end hunger in Africa so bad.

(This was so cool I had to post this)


Anonymous said...

I had to clean my guns so I skipped Madonna. I kind of suspect that she looks so good because she is a vampire anyhow.

Michael Williams said...

either that or there's a picture in her house of a gray haired lady with flabby arms and wearing mom jeans.