Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Thing (Matthijis van Heijningen, 2011)

I just came from watching (the prequel to) 1982's The Thing, confusingly enough also called The Thing and I am  giving it a 3/4 jar full of change (I am looking for an original icon to use to rate movies) of terror.

It wasn't a perfect film, or probably even a very good film, but the reason I am giving it so much change is because I spent most of the last half of the film trying to curl into the fetal position.  That is very difficult in a theater.  

There was a distinct lack of the wink-wink, in-joke references that make movie dorks feel special and almost no annoying, red-herring, "It was just the cat trying to get out of the locker, not a giant, brain eating alien" scares.  These things made the film easier to take seriously.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead is one of Horror's far too few strong female characters.

The  movie doesn't need much more analysis than this; it  was an adrenaline-izing experience.  I can't comment much more than that because I was trying really hard not to jump out of my skin.

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