Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Special Vacation Edition

The most special thing about this post is I have nothing to say; I am going on vacation soon, first time in over two years!  Preparations are a little over whelming, so tonight's post is mostly screen captures from The Blood Drinkers, also known as Blood is the Color of the Night, original Filipino title Kulay Dugo ang Gabi.

 Originally released in 1964, this atmospheric vampire film is a unique gem.  Reeling from scenes filmed in monochrome black and white to glorious color or tinted red, The Blood Drinkers is part science fiction, part vampire movie, and a little theology in one 88 minute package.

Dr. Marco and his assistants, a hunchback, a dwarf, and a very sexy lady vampire, attempt to save the life of his true love in the Filipino countryside while spreading the contagion of vampirism throughout the small community.

The Blood Drinkers is available online at Youtube or can be rented from Netflix.


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Bill Dan Courtney said...

The design of your site is awesome! Much ore engagng than the last time Iw as here, which sadly has been too long. Just not online as much as I used to be and getting ebhind on my posting as well.

Look great Michael

Bill @ The Uranium CAfe