Sunday, March 20, 2011

A couple of quick ones

Last night my wife and I watched The Kids are All Right, the one without Keith Moon.  I am talking about the 2010, Lisa Cholodenko drama with Juliane Moore, Mark Ruffalo and Annette Bening.  Even though I was thoroughly prepared to scream out "Long Live Rock!" in full mod regalia, I was surprisingly not disappointed by the family drama we watched instead of the 1977 documentary about The Who.

Julianne Moore was her usual self; slightly funny, slightly fragile and finally, a little fierce.  I don't believe the rumor that, because of her red hair and green eyes, she sold her soul to Satan to advance her career (and never have to act with Sylvester Stallone again maybe?).  If she did, Satan got cheated:  She still has plenty of soul and ably imbibes lesbian co-parent, Jules, with enough to go from being a well rounded character to a real person.

Mark Ruffalo gives a great performance as the middle aged, off-the-beaten-track restaurateur who over-compensates when he discovers that he is the sperm donor for Jules' and her partner's two teen age children. His performance is restrained as he smoothly transitions from know-it-all, cool guy to being an invasive intruder.  His final scene, a verbal, vitriol fueled showdown with Nic, Annette Bening's over protective co-parent, is brutal to watch as his face goes from smarmy, "I got this"-ness,  to shock, and finally, betrayal.

Annette Bening, in her role as the third side of the triangle,is the most complex.  At times, she is over protective with the children and her partner, drunk and nasty, and a self pitying martyr. Her outward actions mask her fears that, despite the many years together, she may lose her family.

Yaya Decosta deserves 
an award for Best Hair.

It was two hours well spent; besides, my Union Jack jacket is a little to snug for proper windmilling.  If you are unclear about the concept of "windmilling," check out this video at around the seven  minute point.

"A couple" implies more than one, so here is something else.   I have been thinking about making my own movie. It would be about the first hour I spend out of bed every day.  Olivia, my Insomniac Theater partner, thinks it would be a good idea.  Here is her contribution to my morning mayhem:  

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