Friday, August 14, 2015

Something about a dragon (another Heavy Rotation on my iPod post)

Obligatory “I know it has been a while...” paragraph: I know it has been a while since my last post.

The question all dilettantes ask themselves constantly is “Am I missing something cool?” At some point in the past I made a decision to start actively seeking art, music, films, whatever my diverse diversions are called, that are created by women. The basis was simple; most of my music, books, favorite film makers are men. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I happen to be a man IRL (Sorry, Hungd00d682, but you have been catfished. And you need help).  But it seemed that there were many voices that deserved to be heard.

 So this post is a gratitude post for some of the cool, new music I have been listening to from that other gender.

Without a doubt I have to say that my favorite new artist is Kimberly Freeman, a solo performer and better known as half of One-Eyed Doll (percussionist Junior Sewell is the other half).  Once again, I am spotlighting a band without a bass player.  I found OED trolling YouTube one sleepless night, looking for something new to listen to.

Kimberly is a highly talented, multi-instrumentalist and very creative singer-songwriter. Each One-Eyed Doll album revolves around a central theme, such as the concept of beauty or the pain of violently murdering somebody you really love but are mad at. Their latest album, Witches, is an old school concept album that uses the Salem Witch Trials as a tool to comment on contemporary society (much like Arthur Miller's The Crucible).  Mixing historical fact, meditations on faith and spirituality with a compelling story of persecution, Witches pretty high concept.

Sadly, there are no videos from the album.  Here are some of my favorite from older OED albums:


Be My Friend-"Because serial killers are people too.  
Take away the voices and they're just like you!"

Full Set-there are newer, live sets on YouTube, but this one has pretty high quality.  
You can see why her guitar playing makes me want to use words like "incendiary onslaught"
but I don't because that would be cliche.

Something about a dragon...

I am also a big fan of Kimberly Freeman's solo work. Her album Sleep is haunting and beautiful.

Check out their website and buy some musics.

Wikipedia describes Chelsea Wolfe's style as "drone-metal-art-folk" or experimental. Some websites call it doom-folk. A better way of describing her style is this:  If Chelsea Wolfe wrote novels, they would be so scary that Stephen King would wee in his shorts.

Feral Love, from her 2013 album Pain is Beauty

 Her latest album, Abyss, released just last week, is an eerie and ethereal trip was spawned from her real life struggles with sleep paralysis.  Sleep Paralysis is a disorder where, among other things, reality and dreams become intertwined and indistinguishable (my experiences with Ambien during my illness were probably very similar to Sleep Paralysis), and is truly the stuff of beautiful, nightmare fuel. I am really looking forward to listening to this album again.

2015's missing summer jam-Currently burning up your local dance hotspot 
and filling the air with the stench of charred, carnal remains.

Check out her website here.

I have always been a big fan of live, power trio albums. On an impulse I bought Screaming Females Live at the Hideout yesterday and listened to it on my morning bike ride. This one did not disappoint!
My favorite song, A New Kid, mostly because I like
the image of someone cleaning out my brain with a shovel

Singer/guitarist Marissa Paternoster is amazing. I want to use the words like incendiary onslaught again, but then it would be trite and repetitious. The album is very high energy with nary a pause for reflection, which made it awesome for my ride. I surprised to learn that they have been around for a decade!  I am definitely going to be checking out their catalog.

I also really want to shout out Brooklyn-based Heliotropes. A multi-ethnic, psychedelic, all female band fronted by amazing singer songwriter guitar player Jessica Numsuwankijkul. Their 2013 album, A Constant Sea is one of my favorite albums (it just randomly came on my iPod-that's why I call these Heavy Rotations on my iPod blogs).  It has a variety of instruments and styles but is also pretty hard rocking.  Supposedly their new album is coming out soon I cannot wait.
Here is a video I made for them because I love them so much

Check out their real videos here:  Official Band video page

Lastly, I saw this today and want to share it.  Lindsay Denniberg, who made the amazing Video Diary of a Lost Girl in 2012 is currently raising funds for her new movie. She sent me a screener of VDLG a few years ago because I was going to write about it (Sorry!) and we got to talk a few times and she was really neat (gush!).  Please help her out (and get a copy of VDLG to boot!) by funding her new film, Killer Makeover!

Trailer for Video Diary of a Lost Girl

One final, last thing, for those of you in the Cincinnati/Middletown area of Ohio, don't miss the chance to catch Allison Douglas perform at The Triple Moon Coffee Company, Saturday, August 29th at 6pm at 1100 Central Avenue.  I've known Allie since her "Big Haired Blonde Baton Twirlers for Jesus" days and know that it will be a special evening for all who attend.


Caroline McMillan said...

Hi, Michael! I enjoyed reading about some of your new favorite artists. I'm definitely going to check out Chelsea Wolfe.

I also read your post about Jean Rollin from back in 2010. I really enjoyed how you presented the information. Your story about the alluring strangeness of Rollin's films and how it stayed with you for decades made me want to watch the movies immediately and then go write about my love for Ray Bradbury's work, which cast a similar spell on me when I was young.

Thanks for sharing your adventures in entertainment!

Michael Williams said...

Thanks for commenting! I am glad you enjoyed my posts. I think you can stream the Rollin films from Netflix. If not, I have some DVDs you can borrow.

Jes said...

I've been a huge fan of One-Eyed Doll for years now. I think Kimberly's one of the best songwriters I've ever heard, and I've heard a lot. And there actually is going to be a video from the Witches album. They've made one for Afflicted, and it'll hopefully be released in the near future.

Michael Williams said...

I agree! The more I listen to her music, the more apparent it becomes what an impressive song-writer she is.