Friday, November 18, 2011

What I am watching tonight: Dracula's Fiancee (2002, Jean Rollin)

There are a handful of directors that I love purely because of their beautiful visual style; I just want to grab individual frames from their movies, blow them up to poster size and decorate my house with them.

Jean Rollin is one of those directors.

I am watching his 2002 film, Dracula's Fiancee courtesy of Netflix streaming.

Like other Rollin films I've seen, it is less about the.plot or the girls and more about the images:

At around the 12 minute mark, we see a mother superior's S&M doll collection on her desk.

Ten minutes later, a novice doffs her habit for a diaphanous dress and belly dances around the library 

And so on...

I wonder if l should go back to the beginning to start over and fill in any plot holes I may have missed when a dwarf, dressed as a clown, offers a baby to an ogress to eat, but what's the point? I am on a mad, sureal journey that has no origin and probably no destination.I am simply thrilled to be on the trip.


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