Monday, November 28, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Trailer a thon-I have been warned

It seems that our trip to New England has left me bedridden for the the day.  My tools to fight boredom between naps are a laptop, an Internet connection, and a set of DVDs Named Horror  Do Not Watch Alone.  Curiously, the discs identify themselves as "Do not watch" when I put them in my laptop.

I started with Blood Tide.  Not really much of a movie, I was surprised to see James Earl Jones and José Ferrer. Jones adds a touch of artistic integrity by quoting Shakespeare most of the time he is on screen.  

This moring I watched The Undertaker and his Pals, which promised to be a "shocking expose of today's blah blah blah..."  Even at 63 minutes, the movie was too long, although there was plenty of tastelessness to be found.

Next on my list is Fangs of the Living Dead, the main reason I bought the box set.  My (bootlegged) copy is of pretty inferior quality and I am hoping that the version here will be in better shape.

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Jon T said...

Hope these movies did the trick, Michael. Did you hear that Ken Russell died?