Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ken Russell dead at 84

One of my favorite film makers, director Ken Russell died this week.  John T. at Shocks to the System  shared from his personal experience as a film student under Russell's tutelage and Aylmer at Unflinching Eye  wrote a short but very insightful analysis of Russell's films and relationship to British cinema.

My among my favorites of his films (alongside Tommy and Salome's Last Dance, which I wrote about earlier) is The Lair of the White Worm, from a story by Bram Stoker.  It is a fairly traditional British horror film, a group of aristocrats and non-aristocrats band together to fight a super natural evil in the lush countryside.  But since Ken Russell seldom did anything traditionally, the film is rife with wild, psychedelic, sexual and religious imagery.


Aylmer said...

Thanks for the link Michael, much appreciated. It's a bit embarrassing though cuz I don't think I really did the man justice.

Jon T said...

Thanks for the link, Michael. Let's hope there are some retrospectives of his work. It would be great to see him get the praise he deserved and remembered as Britain's pre-eminent film-maker of the 1960s.