Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Insomniac theater presents: Triangle

Wednesday, January 5, 9:52 AM

Triangle  was completely unknown to me until I read about it on Cortez the Killer's year-end review at the  (read the article here).  I don't want to rehash what he has already said, but I do  want to add my "Yeah, wow!"

In terms of "jumping out of your skin" moments, Triangle  had the most of any movie I'd watched in quite a while.  Poor Olivia, I would grab her anytime something scary happened.  And there were plenty of scary moments to be had.

Triangle doesn't waste any time getting started.  As soon as the main characters are introduced to the viewer, crazy things begin to happen. And it doesn't stop until the end, leaving me somewhat breathless. There were some inconsistencies along the way, but I quickly forgot them as soon as the blood started to flow.

And like many good horror movies,Triangle doesn't reveal all its secrets until the very end.  There were times when it reminded me of 2007's Los Cronoscrimenes,  but in the end,  it is its own movie.

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